128 New Apartments; Political Boss Representing Developer

Our Community, Our Government

A 128 unit apartment complex will be built on vacant land behind the Loews Theater off of Hooper Avenue near the Ocean County Mall. The project is part of a 1285 unit affordable housing plan that the local Republicans voted to approve back in October of 2016.  Just 28 of those apartments will count towards the affordable housing agreement.

A public hearing on the apartment complex is scheduled for the May 2 Planning Board meeting. The Kaplan Development Group is being represented by Tom Monahan, a partner in the politically connected Law Firm, Gilmore and Monahan.  Mr. Monhan served as the Toms River Board of Education Attorney during the Ritacco era and George Gilmore is the Ocean County Republican Chairman.  Mr. Gilmore is currently under federal investigation for tax evasion.

Camelot at Seacourt will be built on about 17 acres near the intersection of Bay and Hooper avenues. The complex will include eight buildings, along with an in-ground pool, community center, and dog park.


  • Where are all the chilldren going to school? Can the sewer system handle the influex? Water shed!! Hooper Ave always floods Shame!!!!

  • The area is becoming very crowded, with traffic and people. More housing, more people more strain on our infrastructure. How many years of tax abatements would this development get? We need more single family homes than big developments.

  • Wasn’t this firm also the planning boards legal representative during planning of the land use in this area along The estuary in the area not too long ago?

  • Are you people whacked you do not need anymore apartments in this town leave the land alone leave the trees there is no need for more housing for illegals and welfare recipients

  • This is going to make things worse not better. Is there any way to stand against this? The area is super congested in the first place, lwts not bring more people and traffic here.

  • What was once beautiful Toms River is turning quickly into concrete city. Too much building too much greed. Not even enough affordable or low income housing. The eco system destroyed. Our oxygen diminished from our land, trees being cut down nature being destroyed, wild life being killed. Our beautiful, healthy, natural Toms River being destroyed by greed!!! Horrible!!

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