Tax Reval Ordered on All TR properties by County Republicans

Our Tax Dollars At Work

TOMS RIVER – Chelsea Skuby, the county’s tax administrator has ordered Toms River to conduct a full tax revaluation so property values are more in line with what they should be.  The County thinks that Toms River property values are much higher than what they are currently listed as.

Every home is assessed at a certain value. That is what your taxes are based off of.  When property valuations change, homeowners are either paying too much or too little in tax.

The County Government thinks Toms River is paying too little in tax, so it’s ordering a revaluation of all property in the Township.

The Township has a choice of whether to do the revaluation itself or to hire an outside firm.  Republican Council President Brian Kubiel say’s he intends on complying with the County and the township will be hiring an outside firm.

Teddy Price, A Candidate for County Freeholder said, “Toms River residents already pay too much in property taxes.  They’ve doubled over the last 9 years.  If the County Republican are going to force Toms River to increase assessed values, the Council should lower the tax rate to keep property taxes stable.”



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